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Day 6 - Langdon Beck (B6277) to Swinhope Head (Weardale)
We have listened very carefully to comments from Monitors and Journeyers who have experienced some route finding difficulties on this stretch of the Pennine Journey (mainly Page 76/77) - see below for detailed route information.

Section from B6277 to Swinhope  Head via Scar End Farm
At this point, consider the visibility!
If poor then look to going east to pick up the quiet Newbiggin to Westgate road.

Take the gate opposite and go uphill half right to a gateway to cross an enclosed lane.(2 new donate-a-gates here) Once through the facing gate, cross the field towards another gate and a deserted house (Hanging Shaw) hidden behind trees. Go through the gate, bear right over the stream. Walk up through the farmyard and past the deserted  house. Go through a gate and walk to the left of a barn aiming for the ladder stile ahead. Turn uphill and go through the gate immediately on the left. Cross and walk half-right to a ladder stile (PJ sign). Ascend and aim right to a metal gate then keep to the left hand wall to reach a corrugated barn. Go through the gateway (PJ sign) and straight ahead to a waymarked wall stile. Bear diagonally left to kissing gate, another donate-a-gate. Aim for the gate in the far corner of the field onto the county road and left up the hill. At the black barn (small waymark) turn right and head for a gate in a wall.(Note this is a slight diversion from the map) Go through and cross the field keeping to the left of a ruined wall. Continue closer to the right hand wall and descend to a footbridge. Cross with care. Follow the wall uphill and where it bears right continue straight on through a gap towards Scar End Farm.

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