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Report: Messrs, Torkington, Arrowsmith & Hughes
Walk Date:
Jan 14/Sept 2015


We can't fault the Pennine Journey for interest and variety. There wasn't a single "weak" day in the itinerary and we couldn't agree between us which day was the best as they were all good.

We feel that doing the walk in stages actually made it better as we were able to appreciate the countryside in all conditions from baking sunshine to gales and blizzards. It also gave our old joints a bit of recovery time between stages.

A great aspect of a walk like this is that it takes you to places that you would not otherwise visit and we have a new and enhanced appreciation of the area. For the most part the route was simple to follow.

Signposting however is inconsistent and could be improved - and your book would be easier to use out in the elements if the text that related to a sketch was on the opposite page (difficult to achieve we know).


Section 1
Kirkby Stephen to the Moorcock Inn (12+ miles) (Day 15 in the guidebook that for some reason does not see Kirkby Stephen as the centre of the universe!)

Section 2
Moorcock Inn to Sedbergh via Uldale and Cautley Spout (Day 16 in the book) (14+ miles)

Section 3
Sedbergh to Ingleton via Whernside (Day 17 in the book) (17 miles) Overnight at the Wheatsheaf Pub in Ingleton

Section 4
Ingleton to Settle via Ingleborough (Day 18 in the book) (15 miles) Return to Kirkby Stephen on the train.

Section 5
Settle to Horton in Ribblesdale (Day 1 in the Book) (7+ miles) Took the train from Kirkby Stephen to Settle and the train back to Kirkby Stephen from Horton in Ribblesdale.

Section 6
Horton in Ribblesdale to Buckden (Day 2 in the book) (12 miles) Train from Kirkby Stephen to Horton Overnight at Buckden (Buck Inn)

Section 7
Buckden to Gunnerside (Day 3 in the book) (17 miles) A ‘shuttle’ back to Kirkby Stephen from Gunnerside.

Section 8
Gunnerside to Bowes (Day 4 in the book) (17.5 miles)

Section 9
Bowes to Middleton in Teesdale (Day 5 in the book) (12.5 miles) Overnight in Middleton in Teesdale.

Section 10
Middleton in Teesdale to Westgate (Day 6 in the book) (15.75 miles)

Section 11
Westgate to Blanchland (Day 7 in the book) (10.75 miles) Overnight in the Lord Crewe Arms at Blanchland

Section 12
Blanchland to Hexham (Day 8 in the book) (11.75 miles)

Section 13
Hexham to Housesteads (Day 9 in the book)(15.5 miles) Hadrian's Wall at Last!!

Section 14
Housesteads to Batey Shield (Days 10/(part) 11 in the book) (14 miles)

Section 15
Batey Shield to Alston (Day (part) 11 in the book) (13 miles)

Section 16
Alston to Kirkland (Days 12/(part) 13 in the book) (about 14 miles)

Section 17
Kirkland to Appleby (Day (part) 13 in the book) (12 miles)

Section 18
Appleby to Kirkby Stephen (Day 14 in the book) (16 miles)

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