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Pennine Journey Supporters Club – Press Release 1st July 2015

We have been told by Frances Lincoln that, for commercial reasons, after current stocks have been sold they will not be re-printing any more editions of the ‘A Pennine Journey’ pictorial guide book.  Since it was first published early in 2010 there have been 3 reprints. 

Whilst it is sad that the relationship with Frances Lincoln has now ended, the decision in 2006 by John Nicoll, then managing director, to commission the pictorial guide book will never be forgotten and was unquestionably the major factor that has led to this modern re-creation of Alfred Wainwright’s 1938 Pennine Journey.

Sixty years after the Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells were first published, the works of A. Wainwright remain a powerful inspiration for countless walkers, writers, artists and map-makers. Frances Lincoln is confident that David Pitt's ‘A Pennine Journey’ will continue as part of this legacy, an essential guide for those wishing to follow in AW's footsteps.

Publication of Alfred Wainwright’s narrative description of his journey ‘A Pennine Journey, The Story of a Long Walk in 1938’  is unaffected by the decision regarding the pictorial guide book.   Described by broadcaster and chairman of the Wainwright Society, Eric Robson, in an October 2010 BBC TV Inside Out programme as “. . . .his best single book, a wonderful piece of writing” it is hoped it will remain available for the benefit of future ‘journeyers’ and other Wainwright admirers for a long time to come.

As one door closes, another door opens and so it is with real pleasure we are able to announce that publication of the pictorial guide book will now be undertaken by Sigma Press. They are an independent publisher of regional walking and cycling guides and local interest books based in Ammanford, Carmarthenshire and were highly recommended by Club president Ron Scholes having been his publisher for 6 years.

They produce a range of books covering all the popular National Park areas as well as many other regions in the UK, publish approximately 40 new books each year and have around 140 books available from their catalogue which can be viewed using this link:-

Jane Evans, joint owner of Sigma Press, says “We are pleased to become involved in ensuring this lovely guide book to what will surely become a very popular long-distance footpath remains available to future walkers.  Particularly so given the Journey’s current positive situation following the completion of the waymarking of the route and, now, its inclusion on future Explorer and Landranger maps.” 

The Ordnance Survey recently confirmed that Explorer maps covering the entire route will be available by September with the publication of Landranger maps covering the route expected to be completed by February 2016.

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